Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shotgun recruiting sucks

Dear recruiter at, who has spammed me three times in the last two days:

Subject line: "HIGH PRIORITY !!! C++ Developer - Atlanta,GA - 6 months Contract"

Let me explain a few things to you. I am employed full time, with benefits. My primary expertise is not C++. I live in Austin. And the amount that you are offering is pitifully low -- considering that you want me to quit my job, uproot my life here, and be unemployed in six months.

Look, I sympathize, it's hard work being a recruiter, and maybe I'd be tempted to take shortcuts too. But in all honesty, the damage that you are doing to your reputation and your company by sending email about this "HIGH PRIORITY" position to every resume you can find on the internet, probably outweighs the likelihood that you will be successful filling the position this way.

You see, instead of helping me to take you seriously as a person worth networking with, all you've done is convince me that is an organization that traffics in spam, that is bad at finding people jobs they want, and that is wasting the time and money of companies that might consider letting them fill their positions. Is that really what you want?

So now you're in my filter list. If I receive another message from which is not a direct acknowledgment of this problem, all emails from that domain will go straight into a filter so that the emails will never be seen by me again. And either way, it's going to be forever a matter of record in all the search engines, that is a terrible company that is bad at hiring people

So now you've succeeded in attracting my attention. I hope you're happy.